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I am so excited to share all of my favorite recipes with you and hope you follow along!

Where it all started

Nanny (1950)
A dessert buffet on a table at a party
Nanny’s Viennese Table (1988)

Baking for Gino

Cookie – My little helper!

Meet Cookie! My husband and I rescued Cookie in December of 2015. Growing up, our family had two dogs named Muffin and Biscuit, so when we first discussed adopting a dog, we always joked that we should name the dog “Cookie”. We kept a large cookie jar in the living room and added any spare dollars/change to save to help us adopt our future dog. When we were ready to adopt, we quickly decided that “Cookie” was the perfect name! It follows the family tradition, incorporates my love of baking, and fits her personality perfectly (she always wants a cookie)! Cookie loves to “supervise” my baking and takes special interest when I am making whipped cream!