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How to create your own customized apron

If you are looking for ideas for creating a customized apron… look no further! One of my favorite ways to customize my apron is through personalized enamel pins. I call it my “flair”, I’d be an absolute mess in the kitchen without my apron! My go-to brands are WhiteBark Workwear and Hedley & Bennett, both of which are made with anti-microbial fabrics and offer a variety of design options when looking for a customized apron.

My customized apron

WhiteBark Workwear’s hemp aprons (left photo below) are not only extremely soft, stylish and comfortable but they are also made sustainably and are made to fit practically every size! The quality of these aprons is just incredible; you’ll find yourself wanting one in every color!

Hedley & Bennett aprons (right photo below) offer a wide variety of graphic patterns on their aprons if you are looking for a design beyond a solid color. The fabric of these aprons is thick and durable, and baking stains wash out incredibly well!

I always choose to get my first name or initials sewn onto my aprons. In addition to using enamel pins, you can also sew-on patches for your customized apron! Most of the enamel pins shown below were purchased on Etsy.

My personalized enamel pins

Blue hydrangea

For our sweet baby Gino who was born sleeping. We decorated our house with blue hydrangeas for his gender reveal party, and they have reminded me of him ever since!

Four leaf clover

In honor of our second baby in heaven… Our Lucky Charm.

Pink peony

Peonies are my absolute favorite flower! For our wedding, I carried a 10 lb. bouquet of beautiful Sarah Bernhardt peonies down the aisle!

PB&J Enamel pins

I have one and my husband has the other on his apron. Years ago, when he was working overnight shifts, I packed a PB&J in his lunchbox along with a note comparing us to a PB&J sandwich. He calls me the peanut butter and I call him the jelly all the time :-)

Cookie enamel pin

For my dog, Cookie! I’ve been searching for an online shop that will make a custom enamel pin just for her but haven’t found one yet!

Cake enamel pin

Because… cake! This pin also resembles our wedding cake which was a strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting!

Anassa kata & blue lantern

A nod to the Bryn Mawr College chant and a traditional Bryn Mawr College lantern with my class color, representing the light of knowledge.

Star Baker

My family has a tradition of watching the Great British Baking Show together, and as the baker in the family, they often refer to me as “star baker”. It is certainly a title I’d love to boast!

Nobody likes a soggy bottom

… it’s true!

The Hollywood handshake

A nice reminder to always have a goal of the perfect bake, worthy of a Hollywood handshake!

Farfalle Pasta

I absolutely love making homemade pasta. It is one of the ways my husband and I embrace our Italian heritage!